I've persuaded my book group to read The Golden Notebook over the month and hopefully members will comment here. I wonder if other groups might follow suit. It would be interesting to hear from them about their reactions to the book and also to this kind of shared reading space. I can imagine participants wanting to talk face to face as well as online, but actually this kind of close reading is unlike the way book groups discuss a text, or at least that's true of the ones I've been involved in.
    • CommentAuthorGnoe
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2008
    Well, my (online) book group is not participating as a whole, but some members decided to read along. I'm afraid it seems to be easier to share our experiences through our mailinglist than here on the forum. The fact that we know each other and can use our native language (Dutch) is probably the cause of that, next to a limited availability of time and energy ;) I am not even sure if other readers from my group are following this forum.