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    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2012 edited
    I've unfortunately arrived at the discussion of The Golden Notebook too late. Pity. I would've liked to take part. I've recently moved to a very small country town from a very big city in South Africa. My experiences here, both politically (politics in South Africa is always about black and white people) and around gender roles and am I mad for thinking God is a woman and wanting to live by myself (not always without regret). ... that it's okay to go the shop with sawdust in my hair and paint on my hands (i.e. not nicely groomed) and to wash my dishes after I worked on my drawing. I mentioned elsewhere that I feel as if I've moved back in time. I wanted to start a project as mentioned here recently, because of my experiences with the men here - both black and white - but for some reason it hasn't taken off. Probably my own energy levels that are a bit low and I don't feel like driving a bunch of women to do something for God's sake. I was wondering if there would/could possibly be some interest raised as an online discussion, an honest sharing of experiences and how much did we, as women, indeed grow into being equal (I first was going to use words like perceive ourselves to be) to men. Maybe someone takes a peek at these pages and wants to join. I feel a bit alone (sounds familiar?) PjV
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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    Hey PjV. I have also just stumbled onto this interesting project and wish I could have taken part! I am also originally from a small South African town but, luckily, I am now living in Stellenbosch. Your question is interesting but I do not know how to answer it. Actually I find it really interesting because I am writing my MA thesis on afrikaans women's experience in the 1980s, based on Klaaglied vir Koos and Erf by Lettie Viljoen and Louoond by Jeanne Goosen. I don't know if you can read Afrikaans and have read them, but I find them in a lot of ways similar to The Golden Notebook.