• CommentAuthorfrancesca
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2011
    Hello everybody! I'm new from these parts; it's the first time i read a book and comment it on Internet. I love books and i think they are private because they mark a special relation between the reader and the author. In spite of it, I've realize that it's interesting sharing and exchanging our thoughts and opinions about books, respecting what people think, even if it's different from our ideas.
    The world is changing - so it has changed a long time- and also us have to follow him in this process. Nowadays we have the opportunity to read what we want and - above all- where we want... the important is to have a notebook or a tablet or simply a mobile.
    In the momente we are reading we can comment, skip into an other page, pass to a different topic. In this way, just mooving our fingers, we choose what to read.
    So, we read for "snack", that is for "pieces" of book or chapters, and we don't read in solitude, but in common.
    What do you think about it?