• CommentAuthorBRUTALMAN
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2008
    What a pity Laura Kipnis could not remember Clancy Sigal's "autobiography". (Actually, ain't no such anmal, but still.) That hurts.

    I love the phrase - I slightly paraphrase - "brutal sexual inspection: that Anna undergoes at the hands, or under the eyes, of Saul Green. Another way of looking at it is that Saul was looking at her openly and frankly as opposed to what Anna may have been used to, sidelong and embarrassed glances by middle class Englishmen who had a tormented sexual history at their public schools.

    Just a possibility.

    • CommentAuthorlaura
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2008
    Dear Brutalman: I apologize, no hurt intended. Was it an autobiographical novel then? As I did read a book by Mr. Sigal (I believe I even purchased it in hardcover if that helps assuage the injury), in which either Lessing or a Lessing-like female character figured, but I can't now recall the title (or figure it out from Amazon which doesn't give book descriptions for Mr Sigal's out-of-print titles). As you appear to be on familiar terms with the Sigal oeuvre, perhaps you'd help out with the bibliographic info? yours, LK

    PS: Oddly, your phrase "no such animal" sounds rather reminiscent of Saul Green's dialogue, as Lessing captures him on the page. A case of over-identification with the character, or...?
    Care to elaborate?