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    i was browsing through various aspects of Google Book search to answer some questions from a NY Times reporter when i noticed that one of the features of Google Book search is to list the parts of the text which are most quoted in other publications. turns out that this page, which has the most comments in our experiment contains The Golden Notebook's most referenced quote.

    A vaginal orgasm is emotion and nothing else, felt as emotion and expressed in sensations that are indistinguishable from emotion. The vaginal orgasm is a dissolving in a vague, dark generalized sensation like being swirled in a warm whirlpool. There are several different sorts of clitoral orgasms, and they are more powerful (that is a male word) than the vaginal orgasm. There can be a thousand thrills, sensations, etc., but there is only one real female orgasm and that is when a man, from the whole of his need and desire takes a woman and wants all her response. Everything else is a substitute and a fake, and the most inexperienced woman feels this instinctively.

    here's the google books search URL ->link<-
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    It makes sense--it's anachronistic and at the same time still a hotly debated topic that engages very self-righteous arguers. Interesting though, because TGN is held up as an intensely feminist text...yet this quote could easily be read (especially by Second Wave feminists) as quite the opposite.