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    'an awful black whirling chaos is just outside me, waiting to move into me''
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    I understood this section to be a rewriting of the earlier day. Throughout the text, Anna struggles with what she ought to leave in and what she ought to leave out - she battles with bringing order to chaos, which for her is writing from a certain perspective (she can't even choose one Anna to hold it all together, she divides herself into many Annas and many notebooks). This is a section where (I think) she was appalled by the way she had portrayed the course of events - perhaps she was too honest? Perhaps she saw it too many ways for a single one to be true? - and she decided to rewrite it in a linear, orderly way leaving many things out. I like that the layers of writing and rewriting are exposed so we can see how she reconciles the events and emotions in this draft.
    It would seem this page should be dated 17th September, 1954, since Anna writes it after she's "scored through" the previous entry from 17th September, 1954.